Welcome to Cedar Swamp Homestead

Pekin ducks near a farm fence

Cedar Swamp Homestead is a family-owned farm that sits adjacent to the Nelson Swamp Unique Area in the Town of Nelson, NY. We sell farm-fresh vegetables and duck eggs at our roadside stand. On our website, you can order duck eggs and vegetables for pickup at the farm, access recipes for meals made from scratch, discover gardening tips, and read about homesteading topics.

Recipes, Gardening Tips, and Homesteading Skills

Taking the steps to live a more sustainable life through homesteading can be overwhelming. On our blog, you’ll find recipes, gardening articles, and discussions of the skills needed to live a healthy, sustainable, and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Pineapple Tarragon Infused Water

Homesteaders work hard! We deserve a day at the spa. Ha ha! Okay, here’s the next best thing. Take a moment to relax with an infused water like this one that features pineapple and tarragon.

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